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Hello All,

Last night I would have said everything is going great. Still taking the Roxicet, one to two at night before going to sleep. But otherwise was feeling pretty good. A lot of the numbness feeling in my arms has gone away, and I feel, albeit fairly minor pains, that seems to move around in my arms and in my hands. With the right side being worse. These roaming pains I am able to either ignore or deal with by taking Tylenol.
I still feel the "tightness” in the joints of my hands & fingers and my fingertips are still numb, but they seem better.
Although I have been told that C4 thru C6 do not affect or relate to the feet, I think that some of the numbness in my feet & toes has diminished also, not all, but they seem better than they were.

Today the story has changed, maestro, a little music with the whine if you please.
I start having muscle spasms between my shoulder blades and up into my neck. This all started early this morning while I was sleeping. Actually in retrospect I think it was coming on last night but I was able to fall asleep anyway. Around noon I took two of my muscles relaxers and one of the Roxicet. Still feeling a little tightness now, but nowhere near the pain I was in this morning. Took me a little while to determine it was muscle spasms.

Next week I have an appointment with physical therapy for an evaluation. I am going to ask them to show me some exercises that I can do for my upper body. I have been walking around the house the last few days as it's been raining pretty steadily. But walking is not enough. Not that I am an overly active person in the first place but I know I have to keep moving otherwise all those little aches and pains start up. And right now I don't need any back pain. I just don't like being so inactive. I started to do a few arm raises, only to shoulder level & other arm movements to stretch my back & shoulders out as long as they do not cause me any pain. I have lost too much strength in my hands & arms already as is.

Well that’s all for today’s report.


Cervical myelopathy with frank cord compression from bony impingement.
22 Apr 03 C5 corpectomy, a C4/6 strut graft with allograft bone, titanium plate