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Thanks so much everyone for the good wishes. Lea- Dr S said he doesnt think hardware is "needed" and its just an added expense. I think he is nuts personally. And yes, I will be staying overniter and wearing a soft collar for quite some time. Yeah, just what I wanted to do in the heat of an Arkansas summer~~ AND, thanks to all the rain we have had, and the lovely foliage we have here, my allergies have decided to chime in NOW of all times. Just my luck. Oh well, could be worse, could be a cold and that would not be cool. But its just the snizzling drits, LOL. Two tylenol PM should guarantee me a half decent sleep. I think we got the boys arranged seeing as how we are right in the middle of ball season and have two playing on different teams no less. Off to my mini nap to prepare for my big sleep tomorrow.