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Hi Liz,
I take it you are to be getting a epidural (epidural steroid injection; ESI)? They help some people, but not others; and some people feel improvement immediately while others don't feel it until after the third shot. You have to be patient with them, but if you are in much added pain after it... it probably will not help you. Be sure to discuss all this with your doctors.

Hopefully, the traction will help... It's always wise to try non-invasive types of therapy first, because there is no going back from surgery. There are some new minimally invasive surgeries (MIS, I think), as well as artificial discs... these may be something to hold out for, too, if you feel they are for you after researching them.

As far as the ultram goes... if you're in pain and other meds do not help, maybe you could try a half a tab or even a quarter to see what it will do to you. The ultram (tramadol) is ultracet without the Tylenol in it (better check this: I think that's right).

Has your doctor ever said anything about "spondylosis"? That is basically arthritis of the spine... your vertebrae will show lumps and bumps where they should not; and there are the spurs or osteophytes which also form and press on nerves...

Good luck with the therapy. Hope it works for you.
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