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Hi everyone. I posted on here awhile back and got some great answers from everyone. I was hoping someone could help me once again. :)
okay, heres the story- I'm 19 years old, I've had chronic back pain for a year now, its really messing up my life and Im really frustrated and so sick of all of this. So far I've been diagnosed with arthritis, bone spurs, compression fractures in T6-T8, and Scheuermanns disease and a herniated disc at L4-5. I never had an injury or an accident or illness, it all just happened for no apparent reason.
Now, the MRIs did not show any interference with the nerves. I have had shooting pain in the butt area going all the way down the legs since last august, and its to the point where it takes me hours to fall asleep because its much worse laying down.
okay, sorry that was so long. Now, I'm seeing a doctor at pain clinic who suggested an EMG/NCV , which I had done on friday. The doctor who did it said he could tell there was a pinched nerve from the herniated disc, but that he believes that it's "repairing itself" even though the pain has definitely not gotten better and its been a freakin year.
Now here is my question: What kind of treatment approach should I insist upon here? Is surgery what generally happens with a herniated disc and PN?
I'm really not sure what to do with this...I'm concerned that they will just tell me to go do more PT or more epidurals or something stupid like that. I feel like nobody is taking me seriously because I'm young....I'm in so much pain and they wont give me anything stronger than Tylenol #3 because "you're too young to be going down the road of painkillers and possible addiction." Should I insist on surgery for this? I really need this to be fixed, and soon. Actually the butt and leg pain is the least of my pain, the mid back pain is much worse but I would be soooooo happy to be rid of even a little of this pain.
I think I've cried every day since this started. sorry again this was so long and whiny. :)
Thank you very much in advance for any answers...and thank you for past answers as well. May God bless everybody!