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Went to dr. for pins & needles feeling in extremeties, and numb patch on left calf. While i was explaining symptoms, he did exam and told me i now have no tendon reflexes below knee. did brain mri and found chari 1 malformation in cervical spine and the cerebella tonsillars are 4.mm below something. wasnt expecting to find this ,mmmmm. was looking to rule out tumor.. I also have severe i mean reallllyyy nasty pressure headaches in back of skull at bottom. didnt like me taking tylenol and advil like tic tacs so gave some darvecet to help, its touching it mildly.. the headaches are getting worse but the sensations in extremeties are loosening up, but now get periodical tingling in face. any clues go to nerologist but cant see me till november....
any advice