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BTW, had herniated c4/5 and 5/6 with severe spinal cord compression. used my own bone mostly because of fear of not fusing. i am a non-smoker, but like to do things only once and do it right. i hav no regrets, the hip pain isnt so bad. No meds today...yet... and its 10:30 am. Just cant stand the grogginess of the ultram or vicadin. Gonna see if i can get by with tylenol today.


Its Brett....I set up a new username last week in my pain killer stooper...I am actually in my office at work typing this! I am doing pretty good. Only Tylenol for pain in the shoulder/neck are from spasms and my hip still is a bit sore. I am really happy I chose to use my own bone. The pain has not been as bad as expected after reading of others experiences. I would have to say that the saliva build up in my mouth/throat is the worst part! It drives me crazy coughing and choking. I was scared at first about damaging my 'new' neck, but the neuro says not to worry. I have an Aspen collar and a Titanium plate! Now I just have to pray for fusion. I say it over and over in my head ........fusion..fusion...fusion......

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