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[quote]Originally posted by karloff:
Boy!! You guys!! Ultram....Darvon!! Come on! Your lucky your not withdrawling from some powerful medication like Dilaudid or Oxycontin or MSContin or Vicodin or Percoset!! Darvon? That's just a little stronger than Asprin!!And Ultram....is that even an Opiate? Good Luck and count youeselves lucky...it could've been alot worst!!

I'm mostly a lurker here and on the pain board, but this post convinced me to register. I need to vent.

Every single person is different. I have known people first hand who walked away from heroine cold turkey after a long duration of use and never went back and were able to function during withdrawl. I also know of someone who actually was killed by the withdrawel from that same drug. I also know someone who thought she was gonna die after she ran out of tylenol 3 after 4 months of use. Personally, when I stopped my usage of codeine after 5 months of heavy use for backpain(self medication) I had a sleepless night and bad gas, then I was fine.

I took Lorcet for over a year. 5-6 pills a day on average, sometimes up to 10. Towards the end it was purely for pleasure and thats when I was taking the most, then decided enough was enough and stopped. It wasn't pleasant. I had a 3 days of cravings, restlessness, cramps, runs, and cold sweats and hyper somnia. THAT was mild compared to what my friend went through who ran out of tylenol 3. The physical withdrawl I went through was unpleasant for me, I could handle it though. I have known people who suffered much worse withdrawl on less medication and much less withdrawl on more powerful meds. Everyone is different.

I don't have very addictive tendencies, once I get away from the substance and whatnot I can usually stay away with some effort(sometimes a lot, sometimes a little) on my part. I seem to be blessed in that area. Everyone is different.

I don't ever suggest trying to trivialize someone elses suffering, they may be going through complete hell.

and no, Ultram is not an opiate, but I have seen some viscious cases of withdrawl from that drug.

It only hurts until the pain goes away...