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Dear Dolphingal, your very smart worrying about your kidneys and liver...stay away from percoset..percodan...vicodin...etc. Pain medication with no tylenol or asprin to kill your organs are...Msir(Morphine Sulfate Immediate release)a little less powerful than Oxycontin. There is also Oxy IR which is percoset without the Tylenol. MScontin is also free of asprin and Tylenol. MScontin(Morphine Sulfate Continu Release) Diluadid also has no Tylenol.NEVER lose your pain doctor!!They are soooo hard to find... If you don't want to take your pain meds now, keep and store them until you do need them. You never know when the cold hand of pain will be tapping you on the shoulder!! Good luck!
Elite, all gal will be doing is tranfering one type of drug dependency for another. Oxy or Hydrocodone,there all opiate pain pills! I'm sure you would agree that it would be better for her and yourself to get stop taking pain pills with Tylenol and Asprin in them! All it does is destroy your kidneys and liver! Ask your doctor for OxyIR....it contains no Tylenol or Asprin! Think smart.....and live