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I can't seem to stop looking for answers myself :jester:

I finally went to the arthritis site and not one person answered me. Apparently I don't have 'their' symptoms.

As far as a "Nerve" thing goes... MS is a Nerve thing (Neurological)

It's not a pinched nerve, but the brain not talking to the arm, or leg, or whatever is numb or tingleing.

My MRI of the C-Spine did not expose a pinched nerve, and it would have to be there for the arm to be affected.

I'm just in limbo still...I see my Neuro AND Spine Doc next week. All the tests should be back by then, and even tho I am getting my own results, I know they have gone to school for years to be able to read them.

I'm still wondering if the spine doc will tell me "Stenosis"...but the Radioligist did not use that word...but seems my leg's being numb and tingeling could be that....or it could be MS....For HEAVENS SAKE!! Hard road we are going down.

I'm with you Anna...I just want an answer. If they do say MS, I've no doubt I'll fall to the floor and cry my eyes out, but at the same time, the relief of knowing WHY I've had so many issues over the years and being able to do something about it is what is important now. Copaxone or Tysabri are both good fairly new drugs that help stop MS...not cure it, just help...

On another note...I do want my L-spine to get better...at minimum a problem all it's own :(