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I have buldging disc in my neck and the Dr. perscribed Ultram or the generic
tramadol. I works pretty good but I can only take 25mgs, the pills I have are 50 mgs, but I get a huge pain in the bridge of my nose if I take a whole pill. I like you have adverse effects from meds, have tried many but this one seems to work with little or no side effects. I also have major trouble sleeping and take a 2mg valium at night for spams, it works to some point but I usually can't sleep very well. Hope this helps. My dr. once told me it was not a scheduled med, like it is not on the list of people buying in on the streets.

Good Luck to ya, Denise
Just remember, Ultram (tramedol) is addicting, no matter what the doctor says. Many, many people on this board have had a terrible time with it. The withdrawals are awful. Go back and read some of the posts about it. I would think twice before trying it. I have severe back pain. I can only stand for a couple of minutes at a time. I take 1600 MGS of Ibuprofen a day. I take 20 mgs of prednisone which I want to get off of. It has too many side effects but it helps my knees so much. I was on 6 percocets a day but but I am weening myself off them without any problem. They don't help anyway. My son is an opiate addict and I am too afraid of percs to stay on them, though I have never abused them. But I would have to take lots more for them to work and I don't want to. I might look into Modic and percogesic. I'll try anything that isn't addicting. I have an addiction with food so I know I could easily get addicted to drugs.