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I have never felt such bad back pain, even after my initial injury to my back. They could give a **** less. They say it is gas, I guess they could be right. But I dont think gas ever killed anyone and I feel like death. I feel empty, kids are trying to help, just really want to cuddle with hubby. He has been working extra hours cause the time he took off for me. I feel ok emotionally, just would like to have more drugs to take. I have 2 xanax left, I took most of them in the hospital so I could just sleep and not have to deal with the pain. So I have my refil of ultram form other doc, doesnt really help with the pain. I guess its time to quit, right. I know that is the case. I also know that if I was top get a refil of vicodin, Id have to pay for it anyhow. So its ok. Just still stuck on the fact, thathe didnt give me anyhting to go home with.
Hi Kandr~
I was hoping youd call or go in and they would give you SOMETHING! And not ultram that can cause seizures. I had morphine pump right out of surg, demerol the second day and 7.5 percs the third day in the afternoon and then went home with 56 of those and a refill. Ive never abused any meds, and i thought that was pretty standard to go home with. Now i realize how fortunate I was. My OB is a friend though so maybe thats why.
ANYway....the gas is HORRIBLE after a hyst. or even a partial. Walk, walk and walk more...I kniow it hurts but it will make the gas go away. also try some Phazyme...It really helps. the gel caps.
Maybe and hopoefully you are better today so I hope this helps!
Get well soon, girl!