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Hi everyone,

I have been off of the Methadone now for a while and with the exception of my car accident about 2 weeks ago I have had no narcotics other than in the hospital ER
The pain from my workers comp issues are very minimal except that the wrist has flared since the accident.
My workers comp is almost done for my arm. I am no longer under the care of any docs for my arm.

My problem is this...
After the car accident I hurt my neck and I am now in PT for that. It is causeing me to have bad pain like in the 7-8 range. When I went to the hospital after the accident I first tried no narcotic stuff and after about 2 hours of suffering my sponsor had to talk the entire thing out with me before I would take the one shot of a narcotic.

Over the past three years dealing with all my other injuries I have learned that I can function well at a constant level between 4-6, but it is very hard to redirect my thinking and make rational decisions when it spikes into the 8-10 range!!!

Anyway I am also having pain in my wrist that I think is from the accident. I did not really notice it until about 3 days later. I am not sure if that is why it is so sore or if it is from pushing myself in the last 4 PT's for work comp.

Well this is my dilema....I hate taking narcotics and I hate being in this much pain and I am very concerned about why I am having this much pain so many days after my accident. They said it should start to feel better...at least that is what I thought they said.
I never abused any pain meds but the thought of them makes me cringe...but should I really be suffering in all this pain/
I have been trying to call my sponsor but she is Baby sitting her grandson today so she is not available right now.
What would happen to me if I was on some narcotic for a week or a few weeks?
I don't ever want to detox off of a narcotic like it was when I detoxed off Methadone. Of course before the Methadone I had been on a steady run of pain meds for almost three years. I took them always as prescribed but in the end I still had to detox. That sucked.
I have used ultram and tramadol and they make me feel like I did speed so I really don't like that at all, and they make my vision screwy.
I just got off the phone and made another appointment with the PT for my neck tomorrow morning. I am back to wearing the brace 3 hours on and 3 off and Ice and stretching in between. But I have pinching and constant aching tight pain.
Just when I thought I was all done with this kind of stuff I get in this accident and here we go again.
My higher power must have an unbelievable faith that I am capable of handleing all this so I guess I have some foot work to do to get through it the best I can.....
So with that what do you all think, any coment or suggestions are welcome...Thanks Chrissy
Hello Chrissy

Honey, stay away from that TRAMADOL!!! It is, regardless of how it was marketed to doctors, extremely addictive. It is also called Ultram I do believe.

I tend to lean towards Ozzy's thoughts about trying Toradol before any potentially known addictive substance that is going to cause withdrawal and perhaps even addiction. This would be my own choice.

I also think that before you continue to think along the lines of a med journal ( which is, of course, an excellent tool), perhaps you should try a pain journal for a week or so if you can hold out. Rate your pain 5-6 times a day and see when it is occuring most and if the levels are perhaps peaking less often. PT, by the nature of it, is going to cause more pain to help in restoring strength. Make sure you are using the pain-in-the-neck techniques after PT like ice compresses and then heat. They can be tedious, I know... but much less tedious than withdrawal and all that follows!

I honestly don't think you are looking for an excuse to use drugs. I think, quite the opposite, you are looking hard for ways not to use strong narcotics. Good for you. I, too, share a healthy fear of having to use pain meds like any kind of opiate for any extended period of time. It would have to be a last resort for me after trying all the other measures suggested.

I'll be seeing you around the board!