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I have been reading and giving people advice on this board for a while now. Lately I have seen people posting about their addiction to Ultram.

I was addicted to pain medication for a long time. Off and on since I was 17. My father use to give them to me if I had a headache or whatever. The monster grew from there. I just continued off and on. I am now 57 years old. I thought I hadn't taken any pain medication for 3 years but now I have learned I am right back where I was.

My doctor, who knows I have an addiction problem, put me on Ultram 1 50 mg. tablet twice a day. I have very bad arthritis in the hands, neck, knees and back. I also have Sarcoidosis on the lung and muscles. Now when I need the medication I cannot take it for fear of going back to where I was before.

How do you get off the Ultram? I take 2 a day so do I cut them in half and take 1 1/2 for a few days then go to 1 then cut in half?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

Hi Linda

I have never taken Ultram, but I know it was marketed in a very deceptive manner to doctors. It was touted as non addictive and that could not be farther from the truth. So many people on this board can attest to that!

Anyway, Linda, tapers worked for me, but I did it much slower than you have planned. I don't know how to compare drugs at all and I tapered from the opiate oxycodone. I started the taper with eight .5 mgs tablets, 8 a day. I took tow tabs four times a day. I cut a half a tab from one dose every ten days or so. Towards the end, I cut by quarter tabs and had gotten to two doses a day. Then I cut by eights of a tab and finally got to just a nightime dose. Even with that, there is a constant state of withdrawal, sometimes really tough, sometimes not as tough. The end of it was realtively esy compared to a cold turkey withdrawal certainly, but not a joy ride. When all that was done, I started a taper from Xanax, a benzo. Went even slower with that. Finished that taper in mid June and I still have dificulty sleeping. ( A taper from a benzo is different than from an opiate).

Please don't rush if you are going to taper. very general rule of thumb is a 5-10% cut only every 10-14 days.

I wish you well in this. I m around iof I can help in any way.
Ive been taking Ultram er 200mg for a little under a year. I have also read that withdrawal from this drug is less intense than most other drugs of this type. In other words insomnia is the main problem ive heard oh yes and restless legs at night along with the insomnia after not taking a pill for over twenty four hours Ultram ers are one a day pill so i guess taking it one day then not taking it the next and doing that till u can spread the no pill days longer until the need to take the pill is gone i mean ive stopped for a day and the only difference i felt was at night trying to sleep. I had weird dreams. ANyone else know about this? Am i in the ballpark when i talk about withdrawing little by little?