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ULTRACET has acetaminophen in it, ULTRAM does not, I was on Ultracet, but was taken off and put on the Tramadol, because my Dr was concerned with the acetaminophen in the ultracet.

I myself have no problems with the Tramadol, I do however have an addiction to Norco and now take Tramadol through my Pain Management Dr.

I have heard the withdrawals are worse than the opiate withdrawals, but if you do a search there are many on this board that have made it, the people here are awesome, they have wonderful advice and the support system you will find here, is second to none.

You've already succeeded with the first step, admitting your problem, take it slow, take it easy , you didn't go from one pill to thirty in a day and you wont be able to stop in a day, but the outcome is so worth the fight...

we are all here if you need us...welcome..

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