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Hi guys. Last night I posted about only taking 7 ultram yesterday.
It was a record, down from 20 to 10 to 7.

Last night I could not sleep - toss,turn,read,toss. Finally, around
4 Am, I thought "this is withdrawals". In the past, I have had extreme
restless leg syndrome, and I did not have that last night - so I did not
connect the fact that I was in withdrawal.

I took my morning dose at 4 (usually 6 AM), and was able to sleep for an
hour and a half.

SO - what should I aim for today? Should I stay at 7, and consider
I have "beaten" the wd's? Any help would be much appreciated.
Actually, any reply would be - my riveting posts ;) have gone
answerless the past few times!

Thanks in advance, Nola