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is ultram aka tramadol addictive? has anybody been addicted to it and suffered withdrawls when they stopped?
I have a prescription i been taking for a while for back pain and i noticed that it's been helping me out alot to since i quit taking percosets and oxycontin. It helps with the aches and pains and my withdrawls for percosets and just about over now.
I just don't want to be addicted to ultram and suffer withdrawls for that.
do you know anything about it?
is withdrawls just as bad as withdrawing from percosets or oxycontin?

which narcotic is worse to withdrawl from?
see my post recently about just getting off them after a year of being on them for the 2nd time.
I have never been addicted to vicodin but I have heard that they can be equally as difficult. It really depends on the person.
Ultram acts like an opiate in that it binds to the same receptors so it makes sense that it is addictive...IMHO.
Minn...clean for...over a week now and not missing it one bit!
The drug company that makes Ultram just released an extended-release version, and the drug facts state that it is in fact an OPIATE. Be careful using this drug if you are in recovery. There used to be alot of people that were on the fence about whether this drug is a narc or not, but obviously there was enough evidence for the drug company to change it's stance. Ultram was originally marketed as "non-narcotic." I guess they were wrong.
I am new to this addiction life. My husband just admitted to me last week that he is addicted to Lortab and the next day he admitted himself into rehab. They have him on Ultram to help with the pain. He has had 5 knee surgeries on the same knee and this last surgery in May is when he became really addicted he said. He told the doctor that he has taken them for the fun of it about a year ago but became addicted in May. He was taking anywhere from 10-14 a day. The thing is not only was he getting them from the pain management doc but he has been buying them from someone else and that person has been calling his cell phone! He is supposed to come home Monday from rehab and he is doing great he says but i am concerned because i have been reading your threads on the ultram. Is it possible that he can become addicted to those as well even though the doc says it is non-narcotic and not addictive? What do I do about this guy who has been calling and his cousin that has introduced him to the person and how can I trust him again. We have 2 kids and I am just scared about all of this and don't really know how to handle this. Any suggestions or comments I am desperate!:(
It is addictive, and the worst part is taking too much of this particular drug at one time leads to seizures. I've seen many posts on another forum from addicted folks who have had seizures in public places because they went over their Ultram threshold, which is usually 8 or so pills at once but it is different for everyone. Be careful.

I just want to start out by saying....." Thank you, Thank you"

I am a long time Ultram user, I've been on these boards a loooong time , I don't usually post, I just read and gain knowledge, understanding and most importantly strength, Thank you to everyone out there who share their stories, you save lives. & Thank you God for giving me a second chance.

So I guess I'm Secondchance08 , I decided on this name because this is my second time recovering from Ultram addiction, I took my last one on 12/25/07 I said "this is it, this is a second chance and probably my last chance, by 2008 I WILL be done, clean and sober. If I don't get it right this time I never will."

With that said, here I am 10 days later Ultram free. I'm not saying I feel 100 % better and normal ( what is normal ? ) but I'm functioning with out them and that's all that matters right now, one day at a time, each day is better than the last one.

All I really wanted to get through is that take it from me, I have been to hell and back, "twice!" and YES, ULTRAM are VERY addicting. I will argu it with any "Doctor" or Scientist" in the world who claims they are not addicting. Bs!!

I have taken a lot of pain meds over my years of abuse and Ultram by far has been the worst most seemingly IMPOSSIBLE drug to withdrawl from and stay off of. I made the mistake most everyone does being "green" to it all that I thought I could take one here and there and be able to control it knowing what I had been through before with my first recovery. Well, I relapsed into a 4 month fog. Very naive of me to think that I could dip and dab with it again.

Like any drug and the reasons people start taking them, the legitamacies , the tragic pains in their lifes , etc etc; everyone is different , everyone has their own story but this is my exerience with Ultram and if someone wants to know if they are addicting?" I'm going to say " %$# Yes!!" STOP now!

You'll get to a point to where you can't even get up out of bed without them. One pill or two turns into you needing 8 or 12 ( or more) to get through the day , all the while you STILL feel like you got hit by a bus. It changes who you are, after a while you realize all the things you once cared about and use to love to partake in are that of a distant memory. You'll treat people differently and pay attention less. You have your moments where you think you're normal and happy but in reality it's all false, you're really stuck in a fog, high on pills. Then, when you try to STOP them because you're soooo sick of the mental anquish, there's no other way for me to explain it other than it's like the Devil coming out of you . You won't think you're going to make it, it's like you're sat on the edge of a cliff while someones torturing you, you try to keep from falling off. It will take every little bit of will power in you to surrvive and over come them. You will be fighting for your life because you litterally feel like you're going to die from the pain and suffering.

I could go on and on and it may help one single person out there decide against it or... maybe not but I can only hope that it might put a "second thought" in someones decision.

Save yourself now, flush them down the drain, and then don't EVER look back .

Best of Luck ~