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hi lisa,
i know what ur going through with the leg cramps and headaches.
Does your doctor know about you quitting?
What helped me alot is that I was getting prescrptions of ultram aka tramadol for my back pain so I took alot of those to help with my aches and pains. I also get a prescription for 800mg of motrin. Those helped too. At night I took 3 tylenol pm's. That helped me to sleep at night, most often I would take the tylenol pm's around 10pm and then I would be wide and awake with leg cramps about 2am so I would take another tylonol pm to help me out.
The mornings were the worst. Try to drink a cup of strong coffee in the morning, that might help with your headaches. Make sure to take alot of over the counter pain relievers or muslce relaxers to help with the leg cramps and headaches.
Good luck, I just withdrew from percosets and oxy's a lil over a week ago. The worst part about the withdrawls were the hotflashes and sudden depression.
It was horrible. Thank goodness for my prescription of ultram though because without that i don't think i could have quit percs.

Sometimes once in a while i still take them. But it's usually every few days instead of it being all day everyday like it was when I was really bad. I'm so happy I finally controlled my habbit and I would like to stop completely but one step at a time is good for me :)

Good luck, let me know how it works out!
i agree, since i quit a little over a week ago from taking upto 100mg a day of oxycontin and 40mg's a day of percosets my energy level fell to the ground. What was worse was my hotflashes. I would toss and turn in bed all night sweating my butt off completely. I constantly had to stick my head in the freezer and take lots of cold showers just to cool down. I ached all over my body. I hit sudden depression and cried for two days all day, my mother even suggested I go to the hospital and get admited to a crisis center because I was that badly depressed. It was horrible. All my withdrawls are over with except for the energy part, I have definetely less energy and I was worried about going back to work, not knowing if I would be able to work the whole day. I was nervous but I did it with the help of over the counter products like motrin and my prescription of ultram.