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trampy gave good advice.ultram would probably work for you/let us know what the doc said about your situation.good luck-spark
Hi Linda:
I just wanted to post real quick to you regarding your question about if anyone has come off Methadone after being on it for years. Well, i wasn't on it for years, but i was on it for A Year. And it is the same as being on it for years, bcuz it gets into your bones and still has the same w/d.
I went into rehab to get off it, and was very very sick. But that was bcuz i went from 30mg a day to 0mg in just 5 days. So of course i was sick.
But since your tapering slowly, it shouldn't be too bad.
I was sober for almost 5 months.....it took a good whole month to feel back to normal. And still, months after that i felt a little up and down with my emotions...which is typical for anyone coming off an opiate. But i did it. And it felt good to be clean.
Unfortunately, i found some Ultram in my house after 4 1/2 mos. of being sober, and out of feeling depressed, i took them. That started a spiral downwards as i became addicted to Ultram. I do have chronic pain, but i also am an addict. Yes, i had been prescribed the amount i was taking, but i'd save them up during the day and take a bunch at once to get high.
So i knew i was taking them for the wrong reasons. They were helping with my pain, but i was more interested in "feeing good" from them than anything else.
I'm now on Subaxone. Started that about a year ago. I'm tapering off right now, and having a very hard time getting lower than 2mg. But i want to have a baby, so i need to do this.
One thing about the benefits of being OFF the Methadone, is i found i had more energy than when on them. For me, the Methadone is the only opiate i've taken that made me MORE tired. I was used to opiates giving me bursts of energy....the main reason i'm addicted to them.
But Meth made me soooo tired that my dr. put me on Adderall. And i didn't even have ADD or ADHD. Actually, the Adderall is what landed me in rehab. I would have stayed on meth. for who knows how long had it not been for the Adderall making me basically insane. My family freaked out, and had an intervention bcuz of my actions and personality changes from Adderall.
So i'm thankful that i was put on that or i'd probably still be on meth. today....since it did help my pain so much. But when you want to have a family, no opiate is allowed obviously.
You can do this. If i made it thru it being as sick as i was, i know you can. You can't cut the 5mg? I can't remember if it came in pill or capsule form. But even if it's in capsule form, u can open it up and take 1/2 the med. inside.
You might want to check w/a pharmacist before u do that, but i'm sure it would be fine. Just take in slowly....you have come so far and have gone down to 5mg before, and that is amazing.
I will pray for you that you will have the strength to do this.
Addiction is, as far as i'm concerned, the hardest thing to overcome in life. But it is possible, we just have to be ready to fight the good fight.
God Bless.