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Hey Mikesgirl:
I used to take Tramadol, was taking 300mg a day (max dose).....my doctor (who i no longer see bcuz he's an idiot) said it WASN"T addictive and i didn't need to taper off it. But every other doc. i came in contact with or anything i read about it said it very much WAS addictive and bcuz of that, of course a taper plan is needed unless u want to risk being very sick or even seizures.
You aren't on a large dose, so tapering shouldn't be hard.
But you should do a taper plan......i was pregnant last year and at time i found out i was taking 300mg of ultram....i went right down to 50mg a day, and since at the time i thought it wasn't addictive bcuz my dr. told me so, i thought my withdrawals were just pregnancy. But now looking back, i see it was due to me dropping doseage so quickly. I couldn't sleep and sweat thru my sheets. So tapering is your best bet.
Do it over the next month and just cut down doseage each week. It's not close to as hard as other opiates, but it does bring some discomfort.
Drop to 50mg for a week or so, then 25mg and then 1/2 of 25mg, etc.......
This should help u and u shouldn't be too uncomfortable.
Good luck, mags