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Thanks for your help ahead of time!
I have had chronic pain since 93 and have been thru most of the drug line.
I just had a spinal cord stimulator implanted three weeks ago so now it is time to taper. I have been on extended hydrocodone for years with others on top. I have tapered off of the ultram from six a day to none but my pm doc switched me from extended oxy to 5-325 /three a day. Today went OK, felt like crap but tonight I only slept and hour and a half and I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin! I took a 5-325 and an elevil and I have settled down. I had planned to do three a day for several days and then start breaking the pills in half and go from there down. I almost went back and started taking the old meds again. I wish I would have read more of the post here before I started:confused: Is this workable or am I nuts!! I could scream right now!! I stopped cold turkey many years ago so I have an idea whats ahead. I cant work yet and I have a son in college, one in high school and a wonderful wife who puts up with my crap:) Thanks for letting me vent and for your suggestions.

Thanks for your reply, I really feel like crap, cold chills,want to throw up.
I was on 300mg of Ultram, 200mg Celebrex and 20mg extended Oxy and 5-325 when needed. I am off everything but the 5-325, took 20mg yesterday.
I think it must be the Ultram, they say it is not a narcotic but it sure feels like it. I am going to use your suggestion and break the rest in half and take more often. Would you go to two a day for a week and then one or just get it over with and crawl in bed and stop cold turkey. I was on Vicoden for five years before this. The stimulator is doing really well, it is just this time of night I can not stand it turned on. I think the stimulator may keep me off the drugs. I am fused from S1-L3-4. I used to be a mailman but not anymore.

I appreciate your help!
Hi - after reading some post I am hurting to say that I am on night 4 from ultram and I am having a hard time. Been doing ultram for 4 months -10 a day and for the last 2 weeks was doing 30 aday (I cannot believe I did not die) until right into the hos. long story. My questing is it ok to drink 60ml of nyquil tonight? HELP.