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HI captnanny,
I came to Florida from Louisiana back in april to take care of my mother, after she suffered a stroke. I don't have a Dr. here in Florida. The way I am getting the Norco and Soma are pretty much classified, at the moment. These are some of the things I have that may or may not help for another attempt at detoxing:
Ultram (10 tabs 50 mg.)
Xanax (10tabs 0.25mg.)
Klonipin (3 tabs .50 mg.)
Darvocet n-100 (15 tabs)
just about everything in the Thomas recipe (except L-tyrisone)
aloe vera juices
Donnatal/phenobarbital (15 tabs 42mg.)
catapress/clonidine (.50 mg tabs)
prilosec otc
GI cocktail
Immodium tablets and liquid
green teas, Chammomile teas, Good food, nice and comfortable home.

So I am aware that I need to make this work for my sake and I am willing but unsure of my ableness because of the opsticles I mentioned before, Hmmm I really done it to myself this time. However I am not giving up on this. Oh and I don't think that my parents would be the best for handing out pills to me, for they are very much up in age and wouldn't understand, in the least what I was trying to accomplish, anyways they have their own health issues, at the present, and I haven't met anyone here that could help me in that manner. It's a retirement community and most of everyone in the area are 65+. So, so for it's gonna come down to me "suckin it up" solo.

Your ideas, suggestions, and
understanding is greatly appreciated,