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Might have found the key!

The reason I started taking hydro in the first place was because of a herniated disk (L5S1) in 2002. I only had two ESI's to try and fix the problem. It helped, but the pain was still always there.

Three weeks w/o Suboxone and as of yesterday still felt horrible. I went back to my family doctor and told him about the pain and the WD's still hanging around. He prescribed me Ultram ER, 200mg. I took one yesterday around 1 p.m. By 8 p.m. I felt almost 100% NORMAL AGAIN!

Today I feel soooooooo much better. My back is not hurting and the WD's area almost all gone. In fact, last night I felt so good I did a massive house cleaning... which I haven't felt like doing for three weeks now.

Amazing. The Ultram ER doesn't effect me at all, meaning I can't feel it like I would suboxone or hydro. It just helps the pain and stopped the WDs. One a day and I can feel normal again.

Please please please watch out with the Ultram. It is very addiciting and I know of a lot of people who had a hell of a time getting off of this medication to. I for one took this medication and the withdrawls were the worst... even worse I feel than getting off of Lortab. This drug is a opiate just like the Hydro's and it does give you energy and makes you feel like a million bucks because it messes with the seratonin in your brain. I feel doctors are not giving out the right information on this drug and most of us had to find out the hard way. It not a road you want to travel believe me!! just wanted you to know!!

Onyr,ultram Er Is An OPIOID I Hope You Know That.that Is Why You Feel So Much Better, I`m Kinda Confused I Thought You Were Lookin To Kik The Stuff But Now Your Usin??????? Explain If Youwill.peace.fitz.IT`S 3AM AND I`M BURNT BUTCAN`T SLEEP.GOOD GOD.
My biggest issue, besides the WDs from the suboxone, is my back pain. It's still herniated. I have issues sitting, like driving, more than 30 minutes. The pain is always there and once I got off the sub, it returned more than ever.

Ultram was recommended by my doctor because it's a good medication... one pill once a day. It has no euphoric effect on me. Just helps the pain and STOPPED the horrible suboxone WDs.

It's not like I'm going to be popping 50mg of hydro a day! :) One pill of the Ultram ER and I feel almost normal. Back pain is really so much better now.