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I haven't been on here for awhile, but back in October I got off ultram after a year of being on them. I tapered very slowly. I also weaned off cymbalta at the same time and I'm not sure what was worse.
My plan was to ditch the ultram and cymbalta first and then work on the alcohol. Well, I've had some fits and starts and now have 10 days with that.

Ultram is not an opiate but it had an opiate like effect on me I think because of the seratonin increase, plus it does attach to the same receptors. Since October, I got a script for percoset for my bad cramps. I went thru it like it was candy. Had to get another...same deal. I finally just said forget it...I cannot have any of this stuff around or even in my system, ever. It's been since about Dec 23rd since my last Percoset and I went thru some pretty bad anxiety afterwards, but I wasn't sure if it was because I was also detoxing from alcohol at the time or if I had re-triggered my cravings for opiates and caused another withdrawal even though I wasn't on them long....maybe 2 weeks?

I don't know if this even makes any sense...I guess my question is ... if you have been addicted to one "opiate type" drug and then take another one but for a shorter time period, is it possible to get hooked that fast and go thru withdrawal, again?

I take klonopin as needed and prescribed by my psych np till I get this anxiety figured out but I don't want to get hooked on it either. Though I honestly don't get any boost from it...it simply calms the anxiety.
The opiates...yeah...totally different story. I'm not sure I could say no to one right now if someone put it in front of me.

Thanks for listening,

Yes, most definitely after a period of being clean then having a slip, getting clean again is more difficult. For me, I found every time i relapsed and then tried again to get clean, it became harder...to the point where I just couldn't do it myself any more. I'm not sure if it was partly psychological because i knew what I was going to have to go through, or if those relapses mess up your brain even further. Personally I think it's a combination of the 2. ....and going from Ultram to oxycodone (percoset) is a major jump up in the opiate family, so it's no wonder you're feeling worse than before. Thank God it was only 2 weeks on them. Whatever you do, don't take any more opiates or it will just prolong and increase your sickness. And I think you're right about jumping off the AD at the same time, probably made it much worse. I hope you get feeling better soon.

Thanks everyone for your replies. The interesting thing is that I didnt' have the real horrible physical withdrawal (the flu-like symptoms etc) but the anxiety stuff was back and just as bad if not worse. I was definitely fooling myself that it would be "ok" since I could only get 30 of them...yeah, right.
The worst part was the anxiety/emotional piece, that and the feeling like my skin is crawling...I still have some of that even now. I guess all I can do is stay sober and pill free and wait it out. It doesn't matter if it's the alcohol detox or the binge on opiates ... I just can't do any of it.

I am on a new AD now btw and it's much better. I got off the Cymbalta because I was having bad side effects and actually the head zaps from getting off that was more difficult than the ultram detox. I think maybe this is what fooled me into thinking I could "just take a few" percosets and be fine.
Nope...can't do it. I just wish I didn't crave the escape still.