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Ok, is it a "law" or is it a "law" as stated by your insurance company? or by the pharmacy itself? I know that with Medicaid where I live they will only allow you to have a 30 day supply that they will pay for. And a 30 day supply is for whatever dosage your doc gave the Rx for. The issue I had when I was first diagnosed with Degenerative Disc, was that my doctor continually under-perscribed the medication for pain so that I was always either running out or having to take the max perscribed dosages to get any relief. Of course this left me showing the "drug seeking behavior" as I was having to go back before my next appointment to get more meds and was having them up the dosage. It was on one of these "early" visits that the doc said it had been 1&1/2 mos since the pain started (a bulging disc and a ruptured disc in my neck) so the pain was no longer acute and he was unwilling to continue perscribing narcotic pain meds. My insurance didn't cover ultram, so he decided to give me a box of samples he had in his office. There I was, in serious pain, being told that the only relief I had been able to experiance was being taken away and I was to try this new stuff with no transition period and I was being called an addict because I was crying and scared (and alone mind you). The samples were Neurontin, I took them as he perscribed and then ran out and found that my insurance didn't cover that either and the script was $400 dollars for a months supply. So I ended up stopping the Neurontin cold with no step down as he no longer even had samples and got to experiance serious depressive issues for about 6 mos and fired my doctor. I know me venting probably dosent help at all, but make sure you advocate well for yourself and not from a fear based position. It may just be that you need a different doctor who understands your issues and can work through it with you. If you do end up "truely" having issues (which I don't think you do) they can work with switching you to meds like ultram and serious anti-inflammatories. I honestly think that once your short term pain issues pass so will what would seem to be over indulgance.