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Wow, this is so like my situation I could have written alot of what JKM said.
I got prescribed ultram 3-4 years ago for endometriosis and subsequent pelvic pain/cramping. Got hooked on those. Just kicked them for the 2nd time in October 07. More recently, in Nov/Dec, got a script for vicodin and percosets from a new dr. Not a good idea...ate them like like they were the answer to a bad day (or not so bad.)

So, as you mention, this last time I tried Aleve, and taking it before the cramping began. Having it in my system prior to and keeping it at the same level seemed to really help the pain. Also, now that insurance covers birth control pills I am on a low dose for that very reason and it has also helped.
Funny how I am just now seeking real, practical solutions rather than the ones that got me high. I was amazed...I actually only had one very bad day..only 1/2 day really..this last time because I was consistent on taking 2 Aleve about every 6 hours. I know we're all different though...have a friend who has constant, daily pain and I don't think Aleve works for her.

Winnie, great job on getting off the hydros! I have been following your story and cheering you on from the sidelines.
Oh yeah, the Lupron..ugh. I tried that years ago. Real fun to be put into insta-menopause! I suppose it helped temporarily (at the time my focus was trying to get pregnant) but the endo came back same as it did after my laparoscopy (2 of them). I just lived w/the pain for years till a dr gave me the ultram 4 or so years ago...had no idea what it would lead to!