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Hey guys I finally decided to get a log in and ask questions. My username is whar I wasnt to be. Now before I tell you my story please dont do the your gonna kill yourself, your a seizure waiting to happen. I have an appointment with my private DR. this afternoon and coming clean.

I have been abusing Ultram for about 5 months. The amount I take in one day is unrealistic. About 40 a day and I have taken up to sixty. I am so sick of it but I tried going off cold turkey and OMG I lasted 1 day and could not take it anymore. I am scared, depressed, and tired. I cannot take time off from my job, that is impossible. I know that Ultram is not a legal "opiate" but acts the same. Could Suboxone be used on something like this? We have no Dr. where I live that does it, but Fresno has a ton and I am 1 hour away from Fresno.
Thanks for your time. Like I said, I am scared and tired of fighting this.
Yes cleanandsober, they do treat Ultram addiction with suboxone. There was a girl in my sub group at about your same dosage range with the stuff and she was doing great on suboxone...Poor girl had 4 kids and more drama in her life than 10 people should have, and still was doing great.

Good luck, mano