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Hi Songbird,
I'm so sorry for the situation your family is in. I'm sure your husband knows he has a big problem and is out of control with his intake. He's built up a high tolerance for the pain meds and needs more and more to get the feeling he is looking for. Is he getting all these meds from one doctor? If you cannot talk him into getting help to wean off the meds, maybe you could call his doctor and let the doctor know how out of control he has gotten with them.
The worst thing with this situation is he has to want to get help. At least if the doctor that is prescribing is aware of the situation, he/she can cut way back on the amounts they are prescribing. If he is getting a lot of the drugs from outside sources, such as dealers, there really isn't much you can do about that. Also, look for charges on your credit card from internet pharmacies. The most people can get from them these days is Ultram and some benzos, but there are outfits out there that call you on the phone and will provide hydro at a huge cost, usually requiring the purchase of ultram/tramodol and soma also.
You have your work cut out for you. Best wishes and Hugs.