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I have been abusing pain meds (narcotic and non-narcotic) for approx. 3 years. I quit ct Ultram last Wednesday and I quit Percocet ct yesterday. Physical wd's are at a minimum. I am SEVERELY DEPRESSED. I have been crying all day.I went to see psychiatrist specializing in addiction today. He put me on Cymbalta because I do have legitimate back pain. He also gave me Ambien so I can sleep. I have an appointment to go back Wednesday morning so he can re-evaluate me. He said if I haven't improved by then we need to consider suboxone. I know it has worked wonders for many people but I am a little concerned about taking something that has addictive qualities. What is the general consensus regarding suboxone? Should it be taken as a last resort? Are there people that are unable to stop taking it once they start? Basically looking for as much wisdom as I can find so I can make a smart choice (hopefully). Also, does anyone know how long it takes for anti-depressants to kick in? I just wonder if 2 days is long enough to see how I am doing and make the suboxone decision.