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Midline.....no one is writing you off.....we are telling you to
get off the pain meds. period.......all pain management does
is to medicate....or do a cortisone shot or an epidural. They
of course do not believe in acupuncture. They very seldom have one on staff. The problem is when you talk to a pain
management doc...they say vicodin or opiates will take care
of the pain and then you tell them you have an addiction
problem and they say well try Ultram...it is really not addictive but of course it is a synthetic opiate and now people can not get of this crap. I am not saying you do not have pain
you do but stop medicating it....you build up a tolerance and more is needed and if you are an addict you do not need any narcotics.....acupuncture really works....western
docs have a hard time letting any influence in other than
to cut or medicate. The Chineses have been using this
method for years in replacement of anesthesia....look into
it and forget what the docs say...it is your body and your
addiction and not theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen