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Hi folks. I'm currently on Ultram ER, Soma, and Valium for my back pain ( i also suffer from bad insomnia). This combo works very well for me. My concern is that I will become addicted to these meds. I was on Hydro and methadone before and dont want to go back to those meds. Is Ultram really that addicting?
For me ultram was hell on earth to get off of. It worked pretty well for the pain but it also has a mood altering effect that I had no energy at all until I took my daily dose. I tapered very slow and still went through hell. Thats just my experience but I know a lot of people have had the same problem.

I took Ultram for 3 years. It gave me so much energy. When I stopped, I went through horrible depression. I did some research and found that it contains some sort of anti-depressant. Even though it's not classified as a narcotic, it affects the same receptors in the brain as narcotics. You can do a search on Ultram on this board and see all the many stories of other's addictions to it.