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2 WEEKS!!!!!!! THAT'S SO NOT COOL..... Spark! I thought you had fallen off the computer tree... lol
I can always count on you to be honest.. and supportive. I had to drop, I was out of medicine and I wasn't paying that Dr another 200 beans just for 30 more pills.. when I know in my heart it's time.

I have to admit, today hasn't been so comfortable for me. It started ok, but the mornings are the worst. I have a question.... do you think it would be wrong of me to take some Ultram when it gets really bad? Or if it does? Only thing I've really experienced, (and it's been almost 2 days since my last dose) is the leg cramps, the back breaking into.. and anxiety. But I have something for that. I just thought I could take them when it gets really bad, but then again I don't want to do something that could jepordize how far I've come. I can honestly say that I don't have any cravings, I just don't want to have any w/d symptoms..

Any advice would be appreciated.. and thank you so much for the supportive words and encouragement.. it means more than all of you know.. I will keep you posted..

Hello g8,

I don't see anything wrong with taking an Ultram tablet as directed.

Although the F.D.A. does not view it as addictive, it can be in certain individuals.

I am currently taking it but no two people are the same.

If you don't feel that this will be accomplished, thus causing you to take more than prescribed, I would ask your doctor if there are any other medicinal options of the prescriptive variety.

Take care.


Hi Brandi

Baby, please do not take the Ultram. It is addictive in its own right and I fear that if you allow yourself to take one for relief, it will lead to 2, 3.....

You can do this, Brandi. A few crummy days is but a drop in the buscket compared to starting all over again, compared to the rest of your life. C'mon, c'mon. Be tough. Hang in. Say no to any form of temptation.

I am pulling for you... you pull from deep inside, okay?

whatever you do do not take the ultram or anything else with a painkilling narcotic in it.like reach said it WILL lead to more and more and stronger and stronger.this is me and my opinion only,but if you have any valuim or xnax or anything like that,then take as much of it that you want to even if it is more than prescribed for the next two weeks,then back down off of it stop all at once,but no longer than two weeks.i dont know if you like benzos or not but i hated and hate them,all they do is make me sleepy and to me there is no way i myself could get addicted to any benzos but we are all different.i would take whatever i could to help me thru the next two weeks as long as there is no opiate in it.

you still have some of the sub in your body but not much and by the third day evening,it should all be pretty much run its course.by the 4th and 5th day is when you are gonna have to really be carefull,this is where i have always messed up comin off the sub.do you have to work during this or can you take off two-three weeks?it would be best if you could.you can do this but i hear the fear in your post and believe me i know where you are coming from,to me there is nothing worse than having to get up and go to work while bein dope sick,i hate that more than anything.heck you can do this,you really can but you are gonna have to buckle down the next few days/weeks.after the 5th or 6th day it should oso slowly start gettin better and better each passing day.if you have any ultram get rid of it now and anything else you have in your stockpile.we all have a stockpile dont we;)-good luck and hang in there i want you to be a success story for me and everyone else on suboxne.

also i know you dont want to do it but the more hard exercise you do the quicker this will pass.-spark
For my 2 cents, and this is just my opinion, and I have been known to make bad decisions, anyhow,I would not take the Ultram, would seem to me putting off the inevitable,and that is ridding your body of opiates.
hang in there,the first days are the hardest days, but it does get so much better, believe me.Look towards your goals. Keep that in sight and after a couple days of "flu" you will begin to see your body clearing up and feeling better than you have in a long time.
Not sure if this helps but I'm rootin' for ya.

peace,and God bless.

Thanks guys.. I see the majority says to stay away from the Ultram. I understand it's an opiate but not a narcotic??? Whichever. What I was thinking is that if it gets really bad, to take one then and ONLY then. I have Klonopin for the anxiety.. So I'm not worried about that. I haven't really expressed any "flu" like symptoms.. just my back hurts really bad where I have the herniated disk and my legs.. I'm cold, and sometimes I yawn a lot. I'm just so ready for this to be over. It seems like a never ending progress.. It's almost like I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! I don't want to feel that way. But sometimes I get discouraged. Spark, I have to work. I could take off a few days if NEED be, but I would rather not. It's actually better for me to come to work to take my mind off of everything. If I sat at home it would be worse I think. Jerry, thank you for the kind words and the boost..

Today is day 3, almost 4 days.. in the morning will be 4 exactly. What about muscle relaxers? Is that ok? And I won't get addicted to benzos because I don't like them either. If I could sleep solid for a week I sure would... lol

Reach, as you are the oh so wise one, I see what you mean in taking the ultram. It just delays the inevitable. It's like a big circle. You take one thing to get off another, etc... just goes round and round... I'M READY TO JUMP OFF THIS WAGON!! I want to feel the peace that most of you guys have.. I know it's just a week or 2 out of my life, but it's hard at the time..

I'll post later to let you guys know how I'm doing. You don't know how much your support means right now!!!!

Love to all,
gator where is you girl???????????its alright if you took an ultram or anything else,you can tell us and we wont say one negative thing to you about it,we all know how it is so let us know how you are.good luck-spark
Hey Guys,

I'm so sorry I didn't have a chance to post before now. Thursday the 15th was very bad. I didn't go to work. I have taken a few ultram, just when it gets so bad I feel that I can't go on. I've taken maybe 5 through the whole thing. I don't think that's too bad. I've been taking my klonopin as necessary, which actually hasn't been much either. Friday, I was very busy at work catching up at work so I didn't get a chance to post then either. I didn't mean to worry you all. Friday I could tell a difference... more calm, less pain, you know what I mean. Friday was day 5. Then last night, the stomach part hit me.....HARD. Luckily I had Immodium AD, and it's working.. Today, I feel almost normal. I haven't really had a hard time sleeping. Which suprises me. I cannot tell you what your support has done for me. I am now trying to not take any more Ultram, as I think I'm through the worst, as soon as my stomach straightens out.. I got a little scared when that started happening. But I do hope the worst is over..

Thank you guys for checking in on me. It means more than you could know. I couldn't get through this without people who understand what I'm going through... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

I'll post more to keep you informed, so as not to worry. Hope you guys have a good weekend. I'll continue to recuperate.. letting you know what's going on!!!

I'm keep on keeping on Yoss.. ;) With everything I have. I look into my baby's big eyes and know that I will get through. Whatever it takes...

Hey guys..

Well, it's been a full week since Sub. If I start to feel bad.. I take an ultram.. but I go to my regular Dr tomorrow and am going to lay it all out and see what he says.. My moods have been shifting a lot.. (more than normal for a female.. ;) ) He talked about once I was off the sub putting me on Wellbutrin.. so I don't know.. I just want to be free of taking all things.. but I know it's a gradual process.. if you chose the route I did. You just take things to get you through the process and then wean off of it.. lol What a circle. Lortab to methadone to morphine to suboxone, klonopin and rozeram for sleeping, (which is not habit forming BTW) and now the ultram when I start feeling the butterflies in my stomach and the leg pain or back pain.. As for how to handle the real pain once I'm through all this.. I have no idea... what do people with chronic pain do once they become an addict.. and can't take the medicine that makes the pain go away??????? That's a big question for me.. that no one seems to be able to answer.

Anyway, just checkin in.. I'm hanging in there and getting better every day I think. I ended up having a virus this weekend on top of this.. so that was nice.. lol

Peace out.. talk to yous guys later..

gator,you need to get off the ultram today right now asap.if you keep takin it for another day or two from now which is monday the 19th,you are gonna be right back to where you were before you ever got on the suboxone and maybe worse im afraid.everybody keeps saying good job and all and i do to,but you have to stop the ultram right now.it is keeeping you from goin threw the w/ds,that is all it is doing at this time.we all have pain when in w/ds but it is a known fact that it will get better the more clean time you get under your belt.

im just worried that you have already prolonged the w/ds to much now and the whole process is going to start over again for you and each time it starts over it gets worse every time.i dont know what else to say other than you have got to stop the ultram today.it is a narcotic and has been recently reclassified as such,and the w/ds are just as bad from it as hydro and suboxone.each day that passes is another day that you will have to make up once you get totally clean and sober.Has there been even one day since you stopped the sub. that you did not take anything for the w/ds and just sweated it out?

the reason im so concerned is because you are doing the exact thing that i have done the last two times i was on suboxne,and i failed both of those times by doin what you are doing right now.please stop the ultram and anything else you might be using to keep the w/ds at bay.dont be mad for this post,its just that i see myself in what you are doing.good luck-spark
Hey guys, just checkin in. I'm about to not take any more ultram. Of course the Dr. didn't see any reason for me to be on it. I'm just so scared of w/d. I know that it's a 3 day weekend, and would be a perfect time to just go CT and let whatever happens, happen. I'm not feeling all that good right now, but what should I EXPECT?? My head's pounding, I'm freezing, I just have 0 energy..etc. My fear with the withdrawals is you never know how long they will last.. 2 weeks? 2 months? Longer? I know that I've talked to some people on here that have been clean for over 3 weeks and still feel like total crap. I have a family to take care of.. can't be out of commission for that long. I just am starting to feel hopeless. This has absolutely been the hardest thing I've ever done.. and am not finished yet. Just don't see the light at the end of the tunnell.. Just need uplifting words I guess and encouragement.. PLEASE!! :)

ultram was one of my doc's when i couldn't get lortab--it is very addictive and not safe for any recovering addict. i had 6 grand-mal seizures from it!! it is an atypical opiate--which means our brains process it like a regular opiate--works on the same receptors--so be careful and congrats on your recovery!!
Yes, well those of you who don't read my other post, check it out.. Due to not being able to take the way I was feeling a moment longer... I got put back on sub. But read my post, as it tells you why.. and I'm all for hearing the pros and cons.. I'm confused about it myself.. I didn't like taking the ultram, or anything else for that matter.. I felt I had came so far and I didn't want to risk the chance of relapsing.. If staying on sub makes that happen, so be it.. I'll stay on it a little longer and wean off the right way.. very slowly..


Yoss.. lol Well anyway, he says it in the movie a lot and it just made me think of you.. it was funny to me.. :)