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Hi MS1 and Jessica and the others! What a godsend. Your notes are what I was looking for. I have 20+ years in program- and in March, I was diagnosed in E.R with a brain tumor. They got it out on 3-27, and of course, pain meds & Anti-seizure drugs were now a part of my life. I am now going through -- "weaning" they say... detox, I know. Life experience and my program are MY teachers.
I know the cunning and powerful nature of addictive substances, and so far I have avoided taking a pill for kicks. It has all been for pain. They said I would not get addicted when taking for pain... so I went along. Maybe I am NOT addicted, but am physically dependant to a degree I suppose. I started weaning the night before last, and by yesterday afternoon, I was sitting there at lunch, ears ringing, with my head FULL, waaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa... feeling, and sweating like a BEAST and my eyes looked like I was in line to audition for reefer madness 2! Only saw this after getting home and I did not know whether to laugh or cry. (I slithered into the living room and laid down. I don't LAY on the couch!) So now I sound like a self-absorbed loony, but I am concerned enough that I am pouring over the web. 9 million REHAB ads and 10 million DRUG help ads, I finally found you guys! Bless you! My dose was low, so I am taking an oxy once a day, not 2x, and am taking ultram to ease off for BT pain. SO anyway, WAY to go you guys for putting this out there!
I RELY on the experience, strength and hope of others! I don't want to be enslaved again. I was down that road. Just knowing I can detox without tx, or without the other sub drug folks are remarking about, I am encouraged! This week will be tough, and I expect that. I am due back to work on May 27th, so I hope to be clippin' along by then. Lots to do in the meantime. Drinking lots (Thanks) and will up my exercise it sounds like, eh? I have no appetite trouble, but other issues still are arriving in digestive tract (if you know what I mean.) Oh well... Maybe I'll lose a few pounds. :
Thanks again for your experience shared, guys!
I'm here to lurk around for a while. You are inspiring me a bunch!