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Hi all. My story goes like this. I got clean (off Ultram) back in 8/04 and did excellent. Was diagnosed wiith Bipolar Disorder, put on Seroquel, Lamictal, Topamax, Clonidine and Wellbutirin for that. Again, was traipsing along like a champ. Then in January of this year, a combination of two things happened. 1) I had some PAINFUL dental work done where I was offered an RX for Vicodin and I took it. And 2) I came down with the stomach flu, was given Phenergan tabs and told I had a more severe stomach prob and given Norco and Donnatal Syrup for that. So I have been on 4-5 Tabs of Norco a day in addition to my BP meds and taking this Donnatal elyxir regularly. At work I feel like a fraud. At home I feel like a fraud because of the Norco, even though it is for a "condition" it doesn't feel right, I feel like I should be stronger and not NEED them. Is this weird?

You have a great community here, very supportive and warm. You all are very lucky to have one another to lean on. Thanks, Badgirl1978
Thanks for the responses...

as for the meds...the med issues are there, the stomach pain, etc. but the rx'd meds are similar to the meds i had gotten the "high" from (ultram). ultram was "drug of choice". and donnatal and norco in prescribed doses CAN make you feel good. i honestly have never heard of norco being given for a tummy prob. and my dr KNOWS my past. i get so tired of always having to worry about "becoming" addicted to a med, or abusing it.