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I'm home early. :( On my 4th day of treatment, I was called into the director's office & was told that since I only had 3 more days of treatment to go, I was one of the patients who was chosen to be discharged early due to Hurricane Gustav, because the patients who still needed a good bit of treatment were being transported to Arkansas to another treatment facility tomorrow morning & he wanted to make sure there would be enough room for everyone on the buses. When I got home yesterday, I felt great & thought that perhaps 4 days was all I needed to get well, but from 8:00 this morning until I finally decided to get out of bed & start moving around, I was extremely restless, had lots of tremors & kept having to run to the bathroom. I was being medicated at the detox center with Ultram. I had 100 mg my 1st night & on the 2nd day was given 100 mg twice, once around 5:00 that afternoon & again right before I went to bed. On the 3rd day, I was given 100 mg every 4 hours & on the 4th day I was given 50 mg every 4 hours. I know Ultram is a non-narcotic pain medication, so what I'm going through must be the tail end of my withdrawals. It was really disappointing to think yesterday that I was fine & then to go through this mess again today. Do you guys know about how many more days I should expect to feel bad? I'm definitely not feeling nearly as worse as I was. I'm able to do most things, just with some discomfort. I'm really looking forward to feeling good again. Is there any medicine I can take to ease some of the symptoms I still have? Thanks for thinking about me. :) It really means a lot to have support during times like these.
Ultram is technically is a centrtally acting synthetic opiod analgesic. Withdrawal symptoms may be relieved by reinstitution of Ultram, followed by gradually tapering
the dose downward.
Naloxone (Narcan) injection. It can reverse some symptoms, but not all., due to
Also, Naltrexone (ReVia) can help, after one completly detoxes from Ultram. These tablets help to reduce craving (compulsion) to take drugs (Ultram).
Psychological and social counseling may be needed, to help prevent a relapse.

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