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Hi everyone...it's been a week or almost a week since I posted last. I feel like I've been to hell and back. Exactly a week ago today (almost to the hour) I took my last hydro and I suffered severe w/d until Monday. I had taken 180 pills in 7 days. I am probably lucky to be alive.

I told my husband on Friday what I had done and he was very supportive. He has been here for me through it all, he is truly amazing and I don't deserve him one bit. I was an emotional and physical wreck for those days and I swear I wanted to die.

Yesterday I had an injection in my back that was originally scheduled for Monday, but luckily for me the Dr. had to reschedule. I wasn't ready to do it then, I was still a wreck. Anyway, I thought I was getting a steroid shot, but turns out they did a different type of shot and had it worked I would have felt immediate results for the nerve pain I have, but it didn't work. Now they want to do another MRI. The Dr. thinks I have a hole in my disc and that there is fluid leaking out.

Anyway, the point to all this is that I told the Dr. that I didn't want any narcotics for pain so instead he gave me Ultram. It has worked for the pain and it does make me feel good. Now I'm worried I'll get addicted to it. It doesn't get me "high" like a narcotic but I can just tell that I feel really good. Then I read a thread on here from people who are addicted. I don't know what to do! I don't want to go through w/d again of any kind. I even went to far as to notify the local pharmacy not to give me my narcotic prescription, but instead my husband will be picking them up and managing my pain for me. That's how desperate I am not to go through that again. I have never gotten drugs illegally and I don't think I ever would, that's not really an option for me so I know this is a safe bet. The pharmacy was willing to work with me although I felt like a total loser!!

But it's a week off the hydro and I'm feeling good today. Still have a slight low-grade fever due to the w/d I'm sure but other than that I'm doing great.

I sure have missed everybody, but for some reason I was afraid to check the board. Kind of a "Keep on going; don't look back" sort of thing, but now I'm glad I did. I still need support from everyone.

Sorry this was so long, but I had some catching up to do. I hope to hear back from everyone soon.
way to go you two! i had a hard enough time quitting without any real pain issues. what you two are doing is awesome, especially considering your situations. dorskin way to get rid of those pills and trophy it seems as youre taking all the right steps and im glad youre feeling better, it will get better and better each day, for me i kept feeling better for a month then felt 100%.

i had abused ultram/tramadol when i was just getting started in the addiction taking 5mg hydros and they didnt compare to the hydros. i would take a bunch and feel good like you say, but not "high". so im sure its a wonderful alternative to abusing hydros.

dont feel like a loser because youre trying to better yourself. im sure every person in that pharmacy has either seen what pills/drugs can do either from experience or personal experience. just take pride in you making the decision to do something about it, and it takes alot im sure to go in the pharmacy and do what you did - not very many people can do that.

you two keep it up you are an inspiration to alot out here and im stoked for the both of you!

hope ya keep feeling better every day trophy the hard part is over.