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I don't really understand why they say it's not addicting. It is an opoid aginest of the
morphine type. The literature warnes of addiction and withdrawal. The pharmacist
probably saw that Ultram (tramadol) was a Rx only drug and not a controlled substance,
thus non-addicting. The FDA classified it as a Rx only drug (my opinion this is wrong).
The mft. possibly could have mislead the FDA into classifiing it that way, so it could market it as a "non-controlled substance". The Dr. should be familure with the product and the product literature warnes off addiction liability. Also, the patient has some responsibility in becoming addicted.
Hope this helps.
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JOhn g
Hi 10sox,
Difficulty in Withdrawing from opoids is in proportion to their potency (Normally). Vicodin (Hydrocodone & acetaminophen) is more potent as an
opoid anlgesic than Tramadol (Ultram), thus it is more physically addicting.
Psychological addiction can be subjective (individual), or variable. It can
be unpredictable.
So physical addiction to Vic. is more severe than Ultram addiction. But
psych. addiction can vary considerably.

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John g

PS: it also depends on the length of addiction and amount taken, as well as
many other factors.
It is very addictive! Of all of meds I have ever taken, this is the ONE I CANNOT do without. I can't even seem to get on a lower amount of it! My mom is the same. If we miss a dose, it s a matter of only an hour or so before the w/d sets in. Makes you think you are going to lose your mind! The if that's not enough, the drug companies pulled the generic I was taking and replaced it with one that does absolutely NOTHING for me...it was as if I had stopped taking it suddenly. Now, I have to pay for the label which even with insurance is killing my pocket! More than anything, I want to be off of this med. I have an appt. with a new referral to Pain Management (finally!)next week. I have high hopes that he can help me transition to something else and leave Ultram in the past! My Advice: if you are not already on it, DO NOT start taking it. Ask for something else!
I have been on tramadol for a few years now along with vicodin and percs all at different times. The tramadol doesnt even help my pain but I take anywhere fom 15 to 30 a day. I just stopped the percs a few days ago and I am still taking ultram. Will suboxone help with this addiction to? I am scared I will never come off of them.