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Why do you think some people are not "good converters" of Free T4 into Free T3? I have wondered about this since hearing about it. Do you think it has something to do with the liver, that's where this conversion take place right? At least the liver plays a major part in this conversion, yes? If so, do you think people who are "bad converters" have something wrong w/ their liver? There seems to be so much theory out there on why folks whose TSH is in the lower normal range still feel poorly, euthyroid sick I think the doctors call it. I have read that the thyroid gland for normal folks produces about 80% T4 and 20% T3, the body must be producing this T3 for a reason, it has to help in the conversion process, why else would the body make it? The only time I felt "really good" was when I was on a combo therapy, Cytomel and Synthyroid. Some people rave about Armour, I would love to try it but can't find an Endo in the Boston area that will prescribe it.

You are correct in that it is converted in the liver. Many factors can contribute to poor T4 to T3 conversion. Liver problems as you mentioned but also large consumption of alcohol, or acetiminophen (sp?) can also cause it. Any other meds that are metabolized in the liver can cause poor conversion. Then, there are those that just simply do not convert well. This doesn't mean there is a problem with the liver, I think its just that putting thyroid meds in the system, though bioidentical as they may be, are not your own bodies and some bodies may just not utilize the meds the way they are intended.

Our bodies are all different in what works for us and what our bodies will take and use. One person may get a transplant and do well with it while another doesn't. I think thyroid meds may have the same effect on each system. Some will do well and some won't. This is why it is important if you feel poorly on one thyroid med, though your levels are optimal, that another med may actually be better. Also, some people just seem to require more T3 than others. While some can go strickly on Armour, others, like me, need the extra T4 added.

I have tried both Armour and Nature Throid. Though they are both basically the same except for the fillers, I did not do as well on Armour as Nature Throid. My body also didn't seem to like Cytomel (tried that) I found I do best on Unithroid with just a little Nature Throid. Each person has to find that mix of meds that works best.