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Hi everyone!! I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Of course I have not developed hypothyroidism yet but I am still experiencing a lot of crappy symptoms. 2 days ago I started taking 25 micrograms of Unithroid. I am excited about it and hope it works. I was just wondering if anyone out there had any experience with Unithroid helping them when they didn't actually have hypothyroidism. I have read studies that say it will help and my doctor says that it's worth a try but I was hoping I could hear from someone who it actually did help! Thanks!! :)
Anyone out there take Unithroid at all?
Unithroid is just another brand name of T4, like Synthroid. Most of us take some form of T4 (sometimes with T3 combined), either brand name or generic. Unithroid is not the most commonly prescribed brand; that's why you won't find too many folks on the board who take it.
I'm in a similar situation as you, diagnosed with Hashi's, but technically not Hypo yet (according to labs). But then again, all commercial labs ignore the recommendation of using 3.0 or higher as being hypo. And my frees haven't been tested, so who knows there.

Let us know how it works out with that dosage, as I'm leaning towards asking for my doctor for Unithroid, when I finally get to see him. It is the same as Synthroid, etc, but quite a bit cheaper. If T3 conversion stinks afterwards, then I'll try to push for Armour or something.

And is your doctor planning on raising your dosage eventually? I thought I read that 25mcg is fine to start with, but in the long run it may actually lower your thyroid hormones as your body gets used to it. As 25mcg is enough to lower TSH, but not enough to make up for the missing hormones. I think I read somewhere that 50mcg is a better amount for those of us with subclinical Hypo/Hashimoto's, but am not completely certain.