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Hi. I am new to the healthboard room and I have read alot of your notes. It's great that you have read so much into the topic because I also have been trying find information on autism research. I really began to notice that my son Matthew had problems when he was 3. Before, my ex-husband kept assuring me that he was a late talker because his uncle did not speak until he was 4. At my son's 3rd birthday, I decided to find out what was wrong. Soon after, I found out he was Developmently delayed. When I found out, I tried to find information about this and hit a brick wall (1997) and the information I did find was very depressing and discouraging. I also found myself being alone because no one knew anything about it and other parents did not understand my son's "strange" behavior. I felt I was being criticized by others and that I was not parenting properly. Even after I met some others who had special needs children, I found that many of us were totally at a loss about what to do. Then when I read the article in Parent magazine about autism and finally felt like I had some hope. Not only did I find that my son fit the other children in the article, I found a way that I could help my son. Even after I had this encouraging news, I found that many physicians do not keep informed about these "treatments". I had a hard time trying to finding a physician who would actually listen about the connections with allergies & autism, even about secretin. First, I immediately removed milk from his diet which was hard because he drank it a lot. The very first day off of the milk he had to hold onto the walls to walk around. He was going through withdrawal. It was sad to see him like that but it was encouraging. Slowly, at preschool, his teachers noticed improvements in all areas. It was not until I moved last year that I found a wonderful physician that was open minded about various treatments and now my son has improved ever since. We had the Food Panel testing and he was found to allergic to wheat, milk, yeast, sesame, cranberry, and tomatoes. He has been off of milk products since May of 1999 and the rest since Oct 2000. It is amazing the number of products that contain wheat (toothpaste, etc.). Recently, he has been evaluated for a leaky gut and possible yeast infection. Matt has an elevated number of Klebsiella pneumoniae in the GI tract and his organic acids test came back with the presence of a number of organic acids produced by yeast. Instead of Nystanin, Matthew has begun taking Yeast Control, a product by Kirkman. It can be used in conjunction with Nystanin or as an alternative. The strain of Klebsiella that my son has is sensitive to the oregano found in the product. Matthew is also taking Pro-Bio Gold from Kirkman to replenish his intestinal flora. I have a question for you. Do you have any idea how long will it take for the complete elimination of the yeast or is it a life time worth of treatment? My son is also on Cod Liver Oil, urecholine and GABA. Thank you for letting me ramble on but I am so glad that I have found this healthboard because it can feel a little overwhelming with the diet and meds. Good luck to you and your research and I hope to chat with you soon.