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I was at my primary care doctors today for this very thing. I have had this going on since starting on MsContin. I have had several UTIs since this problem started and was tested today while I was there, and guess what - have another one and did not even know it. My bladder also feels tender during intimacy, so this problem has gotten pretty bad for me. My pain doc does not want to deal with the side effect problems. Told me to take it up with my primary care doc. I was not too happy about that, but what else am I going to do. My primary care doc is trying me on Urecholine. It is supposed to help urinary retention. He said I should know pretty quick if it going to help or not. If the pain relief from the MsContin was not so darn good, I would be asking to switch, but it is, so I just am so hesitant to ask to switch. I have tried other long acting meds and this one works the best. But I hate trading one problem for another. What else can I do?? I hope this new med helps.