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Hey there. This could be multifactorial. First, he should stop masturbating for awhile. He also should start lightening up on his grip. He may be squeezing to hard. Your vagina could never equal the kind of friction he may be used to.

Regardsless, there are some meds that can be prescribed to men on antidepressants that are having delayed or absent ejaculation (common side effect).

Two of the drugs I know of are Periactin (cyproheptadine) and Urecholine (bethanechol).

He will have to go to a urologist and tell the doctor about these meds. The doc may still be clueless. If so, he can see a psychiatrist as they may be more familiar with the meds.

NOTE: these meds are not "indicated" for delayed or lack of ejaculation, but rather are prescribed for those reasons due to their effects on the orgasm process.

Good luck.