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i was finally referred to a urologist who did a urine test (negative for infection),full cytology report (negative for infection), an IVP (ro rule out any stones, or other abnormalities), and finally a cystoscopy which showed the irritation..he prescribed me Urised twice a day..i'm not getting much relief from that medicine..i called my urologist and informed him of this..he wants to see me back 6/3...so i guess he'll prescribe something else.....do you have any pain, burning during urination, itching, etc?.these are classic signs of a tract infection however the only symptoms i was/am having was the constant urge to urinate and pelvic pressure...you should increase your daily water consumption to see if this helps..if it persists for much longer i would go and make sure its not an infection..if its an infection and its left untreated it could move up to your kidneys which could be dangerous.....take care :)