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hi jennifer....our scenarios sound quite similiar...about the cystoscope-the dr actually looks directily into the urethra.bladder, ureters (if needed) and kidneys (if needed)..the dr insert a catheter then a tiny light and camera type instrument or telescopic looking instrument in through the catheter and can see any abnormalities that might be present..the dr distends your bladder (with a saline solution or gas) so he/she can get a good look at the inside of the bladder..depending on what the dr thinks that he/she might find depends on how much the bladder will be distended..if it has to be distended too much the dr will do the procedure in a hospital under general anethesia..otherwise its done in the dr's office...as bad as this procedure may sound, its nothing to worry about..i had no discomfort at all (other than the feeling of having to urinate when they distended the bladder) but it was nothing more than feeling like you have to go real bad right then...my dr used a mild anethetic that he put in to the urethra which moved through the bladder and ureters...it was a gel-like substance..there was no pain/discomfort while he was doing that either..the procedure from start to finish took maybe 10 minutes..the dr will give you the results after the test is complete..if no antibiotic is helping your symptoms i would highly reccommend you get to a urologist and let him do the cystoscopy..hopefully he will find out whats going on with you....in my case, my dr found some "mild irritation" in my bladder with no signs of any type of infection....he gave me Cipro (to ward off infection from the cystoscopy) and Urised to help with my discomfort..however i had to call him back today (5/27) to inform him that I'm still having symptoms while taking the Urised so i have to see him again on 6/3 instead of 6/19 (which was my next scheduled appt)...i just want to be back to normal..my symptoms showed up literally overnight..one day i was fine, next day i had symptoms and have had them ever since...was this your case too?....post back soon......... :)
thats interesting information you found about the infectious disease..i would have never guessed that could be an issue.......i have to return to my urologist on 6/3 because the medicine he gave me (Urised) doesnt seem to be helping..so here we go again i guess...i also made an appt with my GYN to make sure its nothing related to the female parts..its always something isnt it?..gee whiz!......hopefully once you get your new work schedule you'll be able to get in to your dr.its so frustrating not knowing whats wrong..... :round: