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hello :)...yes it was my urologist that told me about the bladder irritation..he did a cystoscopy and thats what it revealed..he didnt act as if it was any big deal..he gave me a prescription for Urised (anti-infective/antispasmodic/analgesic), told me to come back in a month, then sent me on my way...after not feeling any better after a week i called him back..he wants to see my on 6/9 (instead of 6/19)..i'm not sure what he's going to do..theres really nothing much left for him TO do.i've had an IVP and the cystoscope..plus he sent out a urine sample taken during the cystoscope for a complete cytology report--all 3 tests would have shown any abnormalities-all 3 tests came back negative, other than the "mild irritation" (cystoscope)..so this leads me to believe that my problem is not totally related to my urinary tract.