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I am unfamiliar with non-prescription relief of UTI symptons, but I am now taking Urised which is a prescription pill. It does help a lot with the horrible burning and urgency and pressure. It turns your urine blue, but be careful, it will also stain your clothing -- so wear a mini pad.

The Drug info sheet describes Urised as: "an antispasmodic, urinary anti-infective, and analgesic combination used to treat the discomfort of certain types of urinary tract infections"

Another one is called Pyridium (it will turn your urine bright yellow/orange and also discolors your urine and clothing. Both of these work well for relief of symptoms -- they do not cure you of any infection though.

A note of caution. Do not take this type of pill before a urine test as it will muddle the results.

I personally prefer the Urised for relief.

Good luck. Brenda