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I have interstial cystitis. I got it when I was in my 20's but it was not diagnosed correctly. I had dialation treatments for years, but when that urologist retired and I went to a new younger one, IC was diagnosed and I found the dialation treatments had been a waste of time, of no help and unnecessary. I have pressure, pain and frequent urination. When it got real bad, voiding was as frequent as every 15-20 minutes. Medications helped (urised and ditropan), also holding it and making myself wait longer between trips to the bathroom stretching out the bladder helped tremendously. My urologist recommended I take two 500 mg L-Arginine capsules three times a day. I take only one, three times a day and it has helped my frequency and especially the pressure feeling very much. It's just an amino acid, available at Health Foods stores, inexpensive. It took about six weeks to notice improvement, less frequency, less pressure. I know it works because my bad attacks have been infrequent instead of frequent. Once I went to Spain and didn't take it for about three weeks (forgot to take it with me). I had a terrible IC attack and it got better again after I went back on the L-Arginine. I strongly recommend that you try this. It may help and according to my doctor, can't hurt anything....

Good luck! Peggy