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I'm a 29 year old female who has had a history of UTIs, beginning at the age of 18. Normally I'm prescribed Cipro or Bactrium for a few days up to 7 days (if the infection persists) and I'm fine. My most recent ordeal however, has lasted over 2 weeks. Initially I thought I had a UTI, started taking Cipro for 5 days and realized that I still felt a little "strange" down there. While not painful, there is definitely a lingering feeling that is similar to how I feel when I have a UTI. I went to a urologist recently who said he doesn't in fact think I have an infection, and that antibiotics are used to treat infection. Instead - and he says he sees this case often in women my age - it's an "irritation" and he prescribed a course of Urised for 1 month.

That being said, it's helping, but I still have that strange feeling. Is this IC? And should I get an ultrasound? The urologist said it didn't sound like the ultrasound would reveal anything but provided me with the option of going ahead with a renal ultrasound if i wanted to.

Any information/advice you have would be much appreciated. I'm a little scared and concerned since this is the first real chronic health problem that's surfaced in my life. Thanks :)
Thanks for the tips. I have a feeling that it might actually be a UTI. They haven't really been able to get a culture - since I've been on antibioitics. But now that I'm off both cipro and macrobid, i'm actually feeling somewhat worse. So tomorrow, I'll have to make another visit, get another culture and see if it is, as I suspect a UTI.

In the meantime, in order to relieve the discomfort, does anyone know if it's bad to take both the urised and pyridium? My urologist thought I wouldn't need pyridium with the urised, but I'm feeling VERY uncomfortable. It doesn't appear there's anything horrible with the drug interactions from the research I've done, and I just want to be able to get through the next 2 days until I get a culture, results and figure out how to get through this.