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I'm a 45 year old woman that is suffering with terrible bladder spasms and related back pain. Four years ago I had these same symptoms and after my GYN ruled out everything, I was sent to a urologist who said I had INFLAMMATION ON THE FLOOR OF MY BLADDER.... not a urinary tract infection. He told me to avoid alcohol, acidic things, etc. He did a cystoscope on me which I can't seem to get over b/c it was so painful. He prescribed macrodantin for 30 days and urised. I didn't agree with the 30 day macrodantin and never went back to him. I immediately sought out an acupuncturist whom I still see to this day for the same conditions. My problem did go away, and I gave up coffee and diet drinks for the longest time. He never used the term cystitis.

I recently have had some coffee and I drink entirely too many diet drinks, I know that. I eat lots of oranges, grapefruits and tomatoes. Anyway, for the last 8 days I've had incredible pain. I couldn't see my acupuncturist so I went to my MD who gave me Levoquin for 7 days. The 7 days are up, and it's done nothing. I provided her with a urine sample, but the hospital had a computer crash, and my urine results are not back. I do not anticipate any urinary tract infection as I have no burning, no leaking, nothing that would indicate a UI. It's only these spasms and back pain. When I do Kegel exercises, oh my golly, it really spasms. I've not had sex (nor wanted it), no soda, no caffeine (well a small bit of easter candy :p ), and it's still here. The health food store lady told me no cranberry juice and my doctor told me to drink it...She told me I had cystitis.

I really do not want to go to the urologist just to have to go through that dang cystoscope again and be told the same thing. Plus I do not agree with all the antibiotics given.

Do you think this will ever subside - how long does it take once you have a bad flare up?

I did buy some AZO standard and it did seem to ease my symptoms somewhat last night. I'm at a loss as to my next step. Am I screwing up not going back to the doctor?

Thank you for your opinions