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I am a 20-yr old female who for about a year and a half have been experiencing what I call "a constant feeling of needing to pee, but not really needing to go." I thought that they were yeast infections, and that seemed to work. Then earlier this summer, I went to the gyno because I thought it was strange how often I was getting them. She said it was bacterial vaginosis. After two months, this was gone but the urinary symptoms weren't.

I've been through several medicines: Urised, Detrol, Flagyl, Monistat, etc. After a cystoscopy and urodynamics, my urologist put me on Uroxatral. Now I'm wondering if there are any other women out there with bladder neck problems that have had any success with a prostate medicine. And how long did it take to see any results? Did anyone have any pain that went along with it?

Please help, I feel embarassed and alone.