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Hey Suzyshop1..

I never really knew there was a problem until I made an application to increase my life insurance coverage. Being that I was practically doubling my coverage, they sent a robo-nurse to draw blood and let me pee into a cup. I was denied coverage due to elevated liver enzymes.

Take copy of labs to family doc who said not to worry that false positives occcur all the time. Told me to lay off the tylenol and no alcohol and we'd re-test in three months. Go back to re-test and enzymes are still high so off to a Gastro I go.

Went through a battery of test including a HIDA scan that showed an abnormally functioning gall bladder. Was told the gall bladder was the route of all evil, so I have that out. At the same time of the surgery, a liver biopsy was done. Results of biopsy showed peri-portal inflammation and some other prblems.

Referred to a Hepatologist (Gastro who specializes in liver). Another battery of blood test, and this time I test positive for anit michrodrial antibodies, the prime marker for PBC. So, along with the liver biopsy and the positive AMA, I was givent he diagnosis of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.

I take 1000mgs of URSO 250 daily. This is the only drug approved by the FDA to treat PBC. Does not reverse damamge but slows progression. I watch what I eat, exercise regularly, don't take any medicines without approval (including over the counter meds) and limit alcohol.

As far as ongoing symptoms, I have mild right upper quadrant pain, when the bile ducts are heavly inflammed my spleen enlarges and causes some discomfort, sometimes deal with bowel problems, but all in all not too bad.

I hope I answered your questions and I am concerned why do you ask? Are you experiencing any problems? Elevated enzymes, pain,etc.???

Take care,